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About Me

Professional Summary

I am a recent marketing graduate with experience in developing and executing marketing strategies. My passion for marketing began during my undergraduate studies, where I gained experience in various marketing principles, including social media marketing, and event coordination.


Throughout my academic journey, I have gained hands-on experience in creating and executing successful marketing campaigns. I have also honed my skills in developing engaging and effective content for social media that resonates with target audiences.

As a marketing enthusiast, I am passionate about staying up-to-date with the latest marketing trends and technologies to continuously improve my skills and knowledge. I am an excellent communicator, problem-solver, and team player, with strong interpersonal skills that enable me to collaborate effectively to achieve common goals.


I am excited about the opportunities that await me in the marketing industry, and I am eager to contribute my skills and expertise to any organization that values creativity, innovation, and collaboration.


Content Strategy  Marketing Research  Digital Marketing  Storytelling     Campaign Management    Branding   Social Media    Event Coordination   Creative Initiatives 

Technical: MS Office, Tableau, Google Analytics, Paid acquisition (Google, Instagram, YouTube), Adobe Creative Suite, Figma, Canva, CapCut, Hootsuite


Marketing Intern | KUBODE 

• Grew social media presence by creating engaging content
• Updated website design to provide positive interactions with users
• Executed SEO strategy to increase website rankings and boost organic traffic
• Monitored Google Analytics to monitor campaign success


Social Media Manager | SV - SAD

• Created and implemented impactful strategies to increase company brand awareness
• Developed and managed content calendars for each platform to establish timely and relevant posts
• Conducted research to determine current benchmark trends and audience preferences
• Analyzed and reported social media and online marketing campaign results


Event Coordinator | Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

• Brainstormed and implemented creative event concepts and themes
• Designed marketing efforts to publicize events and promote sponsorships
• Coordinated schedules and timelines for events
• Managed administrative logistics of events planning, event booking, and event promotions

Work Experience



Bellevue College

Bachelor's in Digital Marketing | GPA 3.7


Seattle Central College

Associate in Business | GPA 3.9


There's something truly special about the process of capturing moments on film. I love the tactile experience of loading film into a camera and the anticipation that comes with waiting to see the final results. Shooting with film requires patience, attention to detail, and a deeper connection to the subject matter. There's also a certain quality to film photographs that digital just can't replicate - the softness, grain, and color shifts all add to the charm and character of the final image. I enjoy experimenting with different types of film, cameras, and techniques to achieve a unique look and feel in my photos. Ultimately, my passion for film photography stems from the joy and satisfaction of creating something tangible and timeless that can be cherished for years to come.

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