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Academic Work

Bachelor's degree in Digital Marketing

While completing my bachelor’s degree in digital marketing, I got hands-on experience working in teams and as an individual leader to craft integrated marketing campaigns. Through project-based learning, I was able to collaborate with students to create effective marketing plans for real-world companies. I acquired team-building, communication, and leadership skills by working with like-minded aspiring marketers. 

Development Plan

Core focus: analyze a chosen industry, prepare a business plan, and craft a marketing strategy to spread brand awareness. 


Skills learned: Business Development, Marketing Strategy, E-Commerce Marketing, Research, Critical Thinking, and Website Development.

Integrated Marketing Plan for United Airlines

Core Focus: Prepare marketing campaign to shift the consumer perception of the brand. 

Skills learned: Research, Marketing Strategy, Advertising, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization. 

Content Marketing Plan for Greenpeace

Core focus: prepare a content marketing plan to attract more volunteers. 


Skills learned: Content Marketing, Non-Profit Marketing, Content Creation. 

Data Analysis & Data Visualization Project 

Core Focus: analyze data source to propose solution to a business need. 


Skills learned: Problem-Solving, Data Analysis & Analytics, Data Visualization, Tableau, Analytical and Critical Thinking. 

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