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Digital Design & Illustration

After taking Digital 2D Design as part of my coursework in the fall of 2022, I discovered my passion for illustration. Continuously learning and developing my skills encouraged me to think creatively, utilize strategic design to problem solve, and work with industry-standard software. The design skills and knowledge are transferable to content and social media marketing, branding, and marketing strategy. 

Brochure for
Bellevue College

Bellevue College decided to participate in the 2021 Washington DECA Fall Leader Conference to promote Bellevue College’s Bachelor of Applied Science in Digital Marketing. I was tasked to design a brochure for prospective students during the event. 

  1. Increase awareness that Bellevue College’s BAS in Digital Marketing is rated #1 Best Online bachelor’s degree in digital marketing. 

  2. Drive consideration that Bellevue College is the only educational institution in WA that offers a bachelor’s degree in digital marketing.

for Greenpeace


  1. Increase the number of volunteers by 7% by the end of Q2 2022. 

  2. Drive consideration that Greenpeace is committed to meaningful environmental impact by creating a volunteer community. 

  3. Increase the perception that Greenpeace is a credible source sharing a global perspective on environmental issues to support a conversation around climate change. 

Other Illustrations


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