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Kubode Marketing Plan 


Kubode is a plant nursery at Pike Place Market specializing in kokedamas, mounted plants, and unique plant designs. This women-owned small business has been serving Seattle since 2021. Given the store's location at the city’s most touristy attraction, most of Kubode’s customers are tourists and Seattle residents who live nearby the store. 


Crafting and implementing this marketing plan aimed to drive brand awareness across Seattle residents and increase customer retention to boost business revenues. 

My Role

Marketing Strategy  Marketing Research  Content Creation  Storytelling    Website Design  Branding   Social Media    Search Engine Optimization   Campaign Management 


I joined the team in April 2022 as a marketing strategist and social media assistant. I reported research findings and discussed strategy implementation directly with the business owner, Maria Kamille Barba.


I was extremely fortunate for the opportunity to apply marketing knowledge and skills to support the business in its marketing initiatives. During this time, I gained valuable experience implementing a marketing strategy, creating a user-centric website design, and optimizing the website for keyword search.

Some key achievements are listed below: 

  • Implemented a successful strategy to solve a problem. I got hands-on experience implementing an integrated marketing campaign to solve a problem presented. Conducting research revealed business challenges that prevented business growth. I was able to craft an effective marketing strategy that guided the business' marketing efforts. 

  • Improved the website design. I was able to input my academic knowledge of consumer-centric website design and the newly defined brand guidelines to provide an exceptional customer experience. Learning to work with website builders and track real-time results was an amazing experience. 

  • Increased search rankings for Kubode's website. The website is now the first search result for the keyword "Kokedama Seattle." Additionally, the website got higher search rankings for industry-relevant keywords. Before this campaign's implementation, Kubode appeared on the fifth page of results when searching for "plant store Seattle" or "houseplants Seattle." As of December 2022, the Kubode website is on the second page for these keywords.  

Understanding the Problem

In addition to industry and competitive research, I conducted a survey asking Seattle residents about their overall awareness of the plant nurseries located in Seattle. Through the research process, I was able to uncover the following results:


  • Almost 89% of survey respondents have never heard of Kubode 

  • Respondents who heard of Kubode found by chance (passing by the store)

  • Only 9% of business customers make repeat purchases 

  • The majority of the business audience is between 18 to 35 years old. 


After analyzing these insights, I concluded that the problems faced were low target market awareness and low customer retention

Marketing Objectives

Increase sales volume by 15% by April 2023.

Strategic Approach

Using my academic knowledge and marketing skills, my actionable plan recommendations included the following: 


  • Define brand guidelines and apply them to the company’s online presence 

  • Improve the design website and layout to provide an omnichannel experience

  • Implement content marketing through social media and website blog 

  • Incorporate search engine optimization to increase search rankings 

  • Build strong long-term relationships with customers using relationship marketing 

Fill your home with nature 1.png
“Fill your home with nature. Visit your local plant nursery in the heart of Seattle and explore creative ways to incorporate nature into your space with Kubode’s great selection of kokedamas and mounted plants.”


Tactics used to drive brand awareness and increase customer loyalty:


  • Improving customer service to connect with customers in a timely manner.

  • Crafting a consistent content schedule to build strong customer relationships.

  • Providing relevant content on social media, including plant care guide and store updates.

  • Utilizing SEO to improve website structure and boost search rankings.

  • Implement brand guidelines for all digital marketing initiatives to reinforce brand image.

Sample Posts

  Key Results  

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